Dressing for Church

In our grandparents' time church was considered an important occasion. Now, many dress more relaxed for church than they do for work. So here it is. The Do's and Dont's of dressing for church.


  • Anything above the knee
  • Jeans
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Shorts
  • Clothing in disrepair
  • Messy hair
  • Excessive make up

  • Church dresses (hemlines below the knees, not tight)
  • Longer skirts
  • Sweater if sleeves are short
  • Low heels
  • Shirts with longer sleeves and hem
  • Head covering (optional)


Christian Fashion Don't

Sleeveless and cap sleeved clothing are not modest Christian dress, but often in style. To wear these styles modestly add a sweater or jacket over top or wear a longer sleeved top underneath.


First Post

Welcome to my Blog
I am a 22 year old Christian who loves fashion, but still wants to be modest. This blog was started to help others who are also struggling to be both modest and fashionable. Here you will find affordable and modest clothing for the modern Christian women.